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Surgery on the rise for obese teens. 25-Aug-2013 "If the child is showing comorbidities like diabetes and hypertension, has reached puberty and achieved certain growth milestones then surgery can be an option." says Dr. Bhatia, who operated on 10 children last year.
Obesity prompts more cases of bariatric surgeries. 28-Jul-2013 "By 2020 we will become the diabetic capital of the world. Its alarming." says Dr. Parveen Bhatia, Chairman of iMAS at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital. Bhatia now performs over 25 bariatric surgeries every month at the hospital.

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Obesity Awareness Seminar & Live Kitchen


Bhatia Global Hospital &Endosurgery Institute organised an #ObesityAwareness Seminar and #Bariatric Support group meeting on Sunday,12th, 2017. BMI, blood pressure and blood sugar examination was done for everyone. A free consultation was done for each patient by Dr.Parveen Bhatia and our team of Nutritionists and Physiotherapists. The event had an interesting Q& A session to help spread the right information about Obesity, Healthy Weight Loss and Healthy Eating. 



                                                                                                   Healthy Live Kitchen 

Our senior Bariatric Nutritionist Mrs.Neetu Bajaj conducted a Live Kitchen Session where High potein  Low Fat recipes were prepared and shared with all the seminar attendees. Our bariatric patients also showed active participation and lip smacking healthy recipes. 



                                                                                                      Healthy Workout Tips

Dr.Supriya Anand - HoD, Bhatia Global Physiotherapy division shared impotant and practical workout tips suitable for all age groups. Interesting questions were raised about workout tips to prevent and cure lower backache, workouts after Total-Knee Replacement and Hip-Replacements which were addressed by Dr.Supriya.