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Metabolic surgery

There are large number of obese people in the world.Approximate 10 million of them are on a diet at any one point during the year. Diets begin, fail and then are tossed aside. The normal person has an average of eight diet books rising dust on his or her shelves. They have a number of different kinds of weight loss pills and dietary supplements under their bathroom sink or in the back of a kitchen cabinet. They also have a diversity of work out equipment that they do not even get near except to infrequently dust it. There are also numerous health benefits linked with successful weight loss.

Metabolic surgery in India has been around for numerous years. We are blessed medical investigate moves rapidly. Weight loss surgery is no exclusion. The bad news is a lot of procedures are still being performed without cause and a lot of countries and facilities are not providing the most excellentprocess; they are the old standbys that make the bad rap and publicity that unfortunately haunts this life saving surgery.

Certain designations are awarded to facilities to promise patients of exceptional care and standards. Please do not have Metabolic surgery in Delhi from a hospital that has not earned the International Center of Excellence (ICE) or more particularly the Bariatric Surgery Center of Excellence (BSCOE). Studies show that most patients that undergo Metabolic surgery will lose between 50 to 70% of their excess body weight within the first 3 years using Weight loss procedure. 

Bhatia Global Hospital & Endosurgery Institute is well known because of their highly trained & experienced doctor who is always ready to provide best services to their patient. You can meet Dr. Parveen Bhatia the expert doctor for metabolic surgery in India.