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Our Team

Dr.Parveen Bhatia heads a team of  highly trained and well experienced doctors as well as patient co-odinators to ensure that an all round care is provided to each of his patient. Our team consists of well known surgeons,anethesiologists,  physicians, diabetologists, gynecologists, orthopedicians, nephrologists, neurologists, ENTs, chest-specialists, eye specialists, cardiologists, pathologists, psychiatrists, psychologists, nutritionists, physiotherapists, plastic surgeons, dermatologists, pediatrician & haematologists as well as patient care managers and bariatric co-ordinators. 

As Dr.Parveen Bhatia strongly believes and says - `There is safety in more safety`- Bariatic surgery and all other surgeries done by Dr.Parveen Bhatia, both at Sir Gangaram Hospital as well as Bhatia Global Hospital are done after a detailed examination, diagnosis and clearance from specialists wherever needed. 

Our team consists of well-known specialists including Dr.Indu Bhatia (Gynecologist), Dr.Ashish Ratanpal (Internal medicine, Diabetes & Endocrinology), Dr.V.K Goel (Internal medicine, Diabetes & Endocrinology), Dr.Sandeep Chopra (Anesthesiologist), Dr.R.N Dhamija (Neurologist), Dr.Pradeep Rastogi (Cardiologist), Dr.Animesh Arya (Chest Physican), Dr.Neeraj Jain (Pathologist), Dr.Ravinder Prakash (ENT),  Dr.Urmila Kashyap (Eye specialist), Dr.Ashish Kalra (Nephrologist), Dr.Deepak Khandelwal (Endocrinologist),  Dr.Manish Aggarwal (Orthopedics), Dr.Vijay Kakkar (Plastic surgeon), Dr.Supriya Anand (Physiotherapist) and Ms.Neetu Bajaj (Lifestyle & Dietitics), Dr.Dinesh Jain (Haematologist), Dr.Krishanavtar (Paediatrics) and others. 

Amit Mattoo - Creative Head 

Patint Care Manager - Dr.Chhavi Kapur 

Patient Care Co-ordinators - Ruchi Chikara, Nidhi Arora, Harshmeet Arora